1. “Greek National Tourism Organization (G.N.T.O)” (called hereafter “Contest Organizer”), headquartered in Athens, Greece, An. Tsocha 7, Postcode 11521 in cooperation with the company “Think Digital Internet and Advertising” headquarter in Kifissia, Greece, Kifissias Ave. 225-227, Building B (called hereafter “Thinkdigital”), organize the contest called “NowIsTheTime” (called hereafter “Contest”), based on the below terms and conditions (called hereafter “Terms”), that will always be uploaded and updated during the contest period on the website “www.nowisthetime.gr” (called hereafter “Website”).
2. The purpose of the current document is to determine the Terms of participating in the Contest and how the winner will be determined.
3. Contest Organizer has the right to modify the Terms upon its judgment, to extend/decrease the duration or cancel the Contest. Additionally, the Contest Organizer has the right to alter the prize for any reason by stating the amendments on the Website and without previously submitting an updated document at the aforementioned notary public. Any change will be binding for any of the participants of the Contest. The Contest Organizer and Thinkdigital do not undertake any responsibility of the above possible amendments.



1. Contest Description
1.1 The Contest is about publicly sharing via Facebook (“share”) content of the Website.
1.2 From the Contest there will be determined three winners, who will win a trip for two to Greece (called hereafter “Prize”).

2. Contest participation
2.1 The Contest is open to individuals aged 18 years old or over (called hereafter “Participants”).
2.2 In order individuals to take part to the Contest, they will have to share publicly on their personal Facebook profile, at least one time, content of the Website between 16/08/2016 and 29/09/2016.
2.2.1 Individuals that will share content of the Website more than one time will be treated as they have shared content only once.
2.2.2 Individuals that will share content of the Website not publicly will not be considered as Participants of the Contest.
2.3 Contest Organizer’s employees and Thinkdigital’s employees, their close relatives and anyone otherwise connected with the Contest Organizer and Thinkdigital are excluded from the competition.
2.4 Any Participant, at any stage of the Contest process can be eliminated in case that he/she does not fulfill all the aforementioned Terms. Additionally, Any Participant, at any stage of the Contest process can be eliminated in case that his/her actions related with the contest are illegal or/and against moral code, or/and offends in any way Contest Organizer, Thinkdigital or other 3rd party rights.

3. Contest Duration
3.1 The duration of the Contest is: from 19/08/2016 at 12:00 until 29/09/2016 at 23:59 (GMT+3).
3.2 The winners of the Contest will be determined on 3/10/2016
3.3 Individuals can take part at the Contest 24 hours/day, within the aforementioned duration of the Contest. After the end date of the Contest no further entries to the competition will be permitted.

4. Contest participation and determination of the winners
4.1 Individuals can participate to the Contest by Sharing publicly content of the Website, on their personal Facebook profile.
4.2 All valid participations will be collected by Thinkdigital and each participation will take a serial number.
4.3 The winners of the Prize will be determined on 3/10/2016, via a draw that will be carried by the Contest Organizer, at Contest Organizer’s headquarters.
4.4 Contest Organizer reserves the right to cancel any participation that presents or implies any malign technical intervention or other suspicious action.

5. Contest Prize
5.1 The three winners will win the Prize of a 4 days trip (3 nights) to Greece, for 2 persons.
5.1.1 The Prize includes: Airplane tickets from winners’ residence to Greece and accommodation for 3 nights. The Prize of the Contest can be redeemed between 4/10/2016 and 31/10/2016.
5.1.2 The winners will travel on their responsibility and Contest Organizer’s responsibility refers only to travel (air-tickets to Greece) and accommodation expenses of the Prize.
5.1.3 The winners are obligated to notify Contest Organizer 1 week earlier of their trip. In case there is no availability on the desirable travel dates, new dates will be proposed based on availability and with winners’ consent.
5.2 The Prize is specific and personal and cannot be redeemed in cash or exchanged with a different prize.

6. Winner notification and Prize Claim
6.1 The winners will be notified on 3/10/2016, via a message in their Facebook profile.
6.2 The winners will be able to claim their Prize after contacting the Contest Organizer.
6.3 In case a winner will not respond within 5 days from the date of the notification, refuses to receive the prize, then Contest Organizer and Thinkdigital are not obligated to award the specific winner. In that case the Contest Organizer will conduct a new draw in order to select a new winner, after removing the first winner from the excel file of the Contest Participants. In case that the second winner refuses to receive the Prize or doesn’t notify the Contest Organizer within 5 days the Contest Organizer will repeat the draw and so on. If a winner cannot be found then the Prize is cancelled and Contest Organizer and Thinkdigital are no longer obliged to award the Prize.
6.4 The winners do not have any right against Contest Organizer and Thinkdigital in case they are not able to redeem their Prize, for personal reasons e.g. not able to travel etc.


1. Notification to the data subject about the use of personal data.
1.1 In order to participate in the Contest the participants will have to share publicly content from the Website. Via each public share Thinkdigital will collect participants’ public data (Facebook profile name)
1.2 It is explicitly stated that the Contest Organizer constitutes the responsible party in processing of the personal data and that Thinkdigital constitutes the processor in accordance to law Ν. 2472/1997 regarding the personal data protection.
1.3 Contest Organizer takes all reasonable measures to ensure Personal Data Protection subject to Greek legislation, binding provisions or contracts, which defend the principle of fair handling and sufficient protection of Personal Data.
1.4 Contest Organizer warrants that Personal Data collected via the Contest shall not be sold or conceded to third parties in any way.
1.5 Participants unconditionally accept and grant permission so that the Contest Organizer has the right to collect, to process in any manner and to keep their Public Data to create a file with their Facebook profile names, within the scope of operation of the specific Contest.

2. Responsibility
2.1 The responsibility of the Contest Organizer and Thinkdigital is limited exclusively in covering the cost of the Prize that will be granted.
2.2 In case of postponement, interruption or cancellation of the contest, the Participants do not have any rights or demands against the Contest Organizer or Thinkdigital, nor are they authorized or entitled to request the continuation or replacement of the Contest or any amount as compensation. In this case the obligation of the Contest Organizer and Thinkdigital is limited in a mere statement regarding the interruption of the Contest that will take place at any time via uploading the relevant information on the Website. With the publication of the statement the Contest will automatically be suspended and no interested person will be entitled to seek its continuation. The Contest Organizer and Thinkdigital do not accept any responsibility towards participants or 3rd parties for any reason, regarding the postponement, interruption or cancellation of the contest, provided that they have complied by these terms.
2.3 Moreover the Contest Organizer and Τhinkdigital do not assume any penal or civil responsibility, towards any winners or 3rd parties regarding any accident and /or damage and/or personal physical injury that may be inflicted to them during the redemption of the Prize, or for any other reasons directly or indirectly related to this Contest.
2.4 The Contest Organizer and Thinkdigital engage in all the possible efforts for the smooth function of the Contest. However they are not responsible for failures beyond their control (indicatively seize of the Website function, exclusion of the domain for some users, natural disasters etc.) or other reasons of force majeure.
2.5 The Contest Organizer and Thinkdigital are not responsible for fruitless notification efforts of the winners, which are due to them non-responding in the notification message that will be sent on their Facebook profiles stated by them or due to them not showing to “collect” the Prize.
2.6 The responsibility for the proper conduct of the Contest (including the operation and application of the software) rely on the Contest Organizer and Thinkdigital. Under no circumstances is the Contest Organizer or Thinkdigital responsible for any direct or indirect costs and expenses that may arise from any seizure, malfunction or delay or any other cause relating to the participation in the Contest or the Contest Prize. Moreover the Contest Organizer or Thinkdigital have no penal or civil responsibility to any winners or 3rd parties regarding any accident and /or damage and/or personal physical injury that may be inflicted to them during the Contest and during the general activities, the transportations etc. by chance and/or due to the Contest, nor are they responsible for any delays, postponements, cancellations etc. or any other causes.
2.7 The participation in the Contest demands access of the interested participants on the internet using their own technical means. The Contest Organizer and Thinkdigital assume no obligations regarding safeguarding or aiding access to internet sites or providing facilitations to all interested parties. Access to the Website is only allowed under the relevant server operating conditions and the technical and other requirements and specifications of the Contest. 2.8 The Contest Organizer and Thinkdigital are not responsible for the hardware and software and / or any software bugs in the computer systems, for problems that may occur in the network or in the transmissions via computer or for entries that may be lost, delayed, are invalid or incomplete.
2.9 The Contest Organizer and/or Thinkdigital do not bear any responsibility for any physical or other damage, loss or expense of the Winner during or as a result of the redemption of the Prize. (e.g. during the trip) regardless of their culpability, provided that the Winner declares to have full knowledge that he/she will be traveling and staying at the place the trip on his/her own exclusive responsibility.

3. Contest Invalidation
3.1 The winners may be invalidated at any stage of the Contest due to the following reasons:
3.1.1 In case they do not for any reason fully accept these Terms, which are all considered to be substantial, in their entirety.
3.1.2 In case their participation does not fulfill any of the Terms described in the present document.
3.1.3 In case that for any reason the effort to communicate with the Winners regarding the redemption of the Prize is not fruitful for the period of 5 days after their notification.
3.1.4 In case that for any reason the Winners do not present themselves or do so in delay to the above mentioned deadlines


1. Participants do not have the right and cannot reserve the right to modify in any way Contest Organizer’s and Thinkdigital’s logos and brand names.
2. Any participant for the draw assumes that he/she has accepted all Terms of the Contest and entails that he/she has resigned of his/her rights against Contest Organizer and Thinkdigital. Additionally, any contest participation assumes that the participant has accepted all Terms and Conditions of the Contest.
3. Any dispute referring to the Contest will be governed by the Greek laws and based on the rules of the Greek Court. Both parties agree that in case of any dispute they will initially try to resolve via negations.