1. Notification to the data subject about the use of personal data
1.1 In order to participate in the Contest the participants will have to share publicly content from the Website. Via each public share Thinkdigital will collect participant’s e-mails.

1.2 It is explicitly stated that the Contest Organizer constitutes the responsible party in processing of the personal data and that Thinkdigital constitutes the processor in accordance to law Ν. 2472/1997 regarding the personal data protection.

1.3 Contest Organizer takes all reasonable measures to ensure Personal Data Protection subject to Greek legislation, binding provisions or contracts, which defend the principle of fair handling and sufficient protection of Personal Data.

1.4 Contest Organizer warrants that Personal Data collected via the Contest shall not be sold or conceded to third parties in any way.

1.5 Participants unconditionally accept and grant permission so that the Contest Organizer has the right to collect, to process in any manner and to keep a file with their e-mails, within the scope of operation of the specific Contest.